Don’t worry. We have a plan.

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Rising rents are affecting millions of Californians. But don’t worry. We have a plan. And we want you to know exactly how it works. Pretty soon, our competitors are going to start spreading lies about the measure. They’re going to try to confuse voters by saying the Rental Affordability Act is bad for renters and for homeowners.

That’s simply not true.

The Rental Affordability Act is designed to protect single-family homeowners by exempting them from rent control. If you’re not in the rental home business, the law will not affect you. Our initiative will bring peace of mind to renters across California and is powered by a grassroots movement of housing activists. We want to put an end to skyrocketing rents, mass evictions, and spiraling homelessness. Can you chip in to help strengthen the movement?

How Does it Work?

Right now, state law severely limits what kind of rent control cities and counties can adopt and what type of housing can be covered.

Our measure would remove current restrictions in state law, giving cities and counties the power to implement and expand rent control policies that limit how much rents can increase each year. It would allow local communities to:

  • Expand rent control to more buildings while exempting newly-constructed buildings. This would protect millions of people without impacting the construction of new homes.
  • Exempts Single-Family Homeowners who own up to two homes. Our measure will not affect homeowners who don’t rent out their properties or small landlords who own up to two single-family homes.
  • Allow limits on rent increases when a new renter moves in. It would dramatically reduce evictions driven purely by greed and preserve our currently-affordable homes for the future.

We welcome you to read the initiative and see for yourself. The Rental Affordability Act is good for California. Any amount you can spare will help us make rent control expansion a reality in 2020.