Everyone Deserves a Place to Call Home

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If you turn on the TV or the radio in Los Angeles, if you read the LA Times, they’ll say the same thing. We have a housing crisis.

But with around 60,000 unhoused folks on our streets and mostly luxury apartments sitting empty in Los Angeles, we do not have a housing crisis in California. We have a housing AFFORDABILITY crisis in California.

Corporate landlords and developers from as far away as Wall Street, Shanghai, and Amsterdam are jacking up rents, year after year, to the extent that regular, working folks, are simply being priced out of their homes.

With an excess of luxury housing, we need to make a change. 

High rents are driving working-class folks out of their homes and the state. They’re getting priced out of their homes and into homelessness.

It’s not rocket science. The rent is too damn high!

The Rental Affordability Act will help address this crisis. By allowing local communities to limit rent increases, we can bring peace of mind to millions of Californians.

Everyone deserves to have a safe, healthy, and affordable place to call home. Can you spare $5 to help Californians stay in their homes?