Keep Families In Their Homes and In Their Communities.

Proposition 21 is a November ballot initiative that will limit rent increases and preserve affordable housing to help keep California families in their homes. 

Learn About Prop 21

Californians Have Had Enough!

Many Californians are homeless and communities are suffering because of it. Proposition 21 addresses homelessness and increases housing security across the state.

Excessive rents across California are threatening immigrants and vulnerable communities across California. Working wages have not kept up with housing costs for decades, resulting in instability in  housing affordability. Proposition 21 stabilizes rents to provide stable housing costs for the financially vulnerable in California's communities. Say Yes on Prop 21 and help us keep families in their homes.

Median Rents vs Median Wages in California

Housing is at the intersection of everything.
It affects everything and everyone. 

Will you join the movement for housing justice and help keep families in their homes?

Sign up to learn more and vote YES on Prop 21 on November 3rd!