Keep Families In
Their Homes.

Proposition 21 is a November ballot initiative that will limit rent increases and preserve affordable housing to help keep California families in their homes. 

Learn About Prop 21

Californians Have Had Enough!

According to a recent study, 16 percent of SoCal homeowners are cost-burdened or spend more than 30 percent of their income on housing. 

For renters statewide, the burden of affordable housing is even dire. Half of all renters statewide — more than 3 million households — spend more than 30 percent of their income on rent, meeting the federal government's definition of "rent-burdened."

California’s housing affordability crisis, due in large part to skyrocketing rents, lead to an increase in displacement and homelessness. And the burden of rising homelessness is paid for by taxpayers.

Median Rents vs Median Wages in California

Housing is at the intersection of everything.
It affects everything and everyone. 

How Does Prop 21 Affect You?

California’s housing affordability crisis has a ripple effect that affects renters, homeowners, middle-income families, and low-income families alike. Skyrocketing rents negatively affects all of us by reducing the incomes of renters who could otherwise spend locally, by creating poverty, and by increasing homelessness that costs all of us billions in taxpayer dollars. 

Prop 21 keeps people housed and keeps your taxes low.

Prop 21 won’t raise your taxes nor will it  limit your rights. If you’re not in the rental housing business, this initiative will not affect you.

Prop 21 does address abuses by corporate landlords who drive up rental costs and negatively impact our neighbors.

Only greedy corporations have any reason to fear Prop 21.

Prop 21 exempts single-family homeowners with two or fewer homes.

That means that if you own your home and rent out another, you are exempt. If you rent a bedroom out in your own house, you are exempt.

Will you join the movement for housing justice and help keep families in their homes?

Sign up to learn more and vote YES on Prop 21 on November 3rd!