Do You Pay Too Much For Rent?

Californian Renters Have Had Enough!

Year after year, wages in California have remained stagnant, while rents have increased astronomically. Half of all renters statewide — more than 3 million households — spend more than 30 percent of their income on rent, meeting the federal government’s definition of “rent-burdened.”

It’s not just renters: 16 percent of SoCal homeowners are also cost-burdened.

While high rents disproportionally and adversely affect low-income households, people of color, seniors, and families with children, California’s housing affordability crisis has a ripple effect that affects renters, homeowners, middle-income families, and low-income families alike. COVID-19 has made a brewing crisis hit its boiling point as millions of Californians face staggering unemployment and even further housing insecurity.

Housing is at the intersection of everything.
It affects everything and everyone. 

A Brewing Crisis Has Reached its Boiling Point

Have you wondered what rent control is and why our communities need it? Check out our video to learn more!

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