Santa Clarita Seniors Face Huge Rent Increase

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Santa Clarita seniors are facing homelessness after their rent increased by nearly 50 percent.

This article reported that dozens of seniors at the Whispering Oaks Apartments in Santa Clarita are at risk of homelessness after a rent increase from $800 to about $1,400 set for March, according to officials. 

One resident, who wished to speak on the matter of anonymity, says she might be forced out of Santa Clarita but cannot afford the moving costs.

“We were worried when the building was sold,” she said. “Then all of our fears came true.”

That same resident went on the describe the senior citizens living there as a “very vulnerable population,” with some residents “too ill to work.”

“These people can’t afford a few hundred dollar rent increase, let alone what they are proposing,” she said.

The tenant raised concerns of those on a fixed income, relying on Social Security, which provides seniors an average of about $1,500, according to the AARP — just $100 over the proposed rent.

That means seniors would be spending almost 100 percent of their income on rent. When rents go up like this, homelessness increases. It’s this kind of unfair rental increase that’s exacerbating the homelessness crisis in California.

Don’t seniors deserve stability? Don’t we all?