Seniors Are Struggling To Survive.

As Californians struggle with the ongoing housing affordability crisis, seniors are especially vulnerable.

Seniors who have been renting the same apartment for decades are often targets for eviction; evicting their long-term renters means a landlord can charge the next renter as much as they want. 

Prop 21 is a November ballot initiative that will limit rent increases and preserve affordable housing to keep California seniors and families in their homes.

Learn About Prop 21

Californians Have Had Enough!

Seniors, renters, and homeowners all face the same dilemma. Year after year, wages in California have remained stagnant, while the cost of living continues to rise. An affordable place to call home is out of reach for many. 

Seniors are one of the fastest groups of newly homeless. For instance, in Los Angeles, senior homelessness increased by 20% in 2020. 

Senior fixed income doesn't keep up with rising rents. Since 2012, rents in L.A. County have increased at three times the rate of Social Security income. Across California, 35% of renters aged 65 to 79 spend over half their income on rent. A staggering 42% of renters 80 or older do the same.

Prop 21 is needed urgently to keep vulnerable seniors in their homes.

Median Rents vs Median Wages in California

Housing is at the intersection of everything.
It affects everything and everyone. 

How Does Prop 21 Help?

Proposition 21 is a November 2020 state ballot initiative that will allow for the expansion of rent control throughout California. If passed, the measure would give local governments the power to implement tenant-friendly protections that limit annual rent increases, prevent displacement, and make living in California affordable for all.

Modernizes Rent Control
Allows local governments to limit rent increases on buildings older than 15 years, protecting millions of renters while incentivizing the construction of new housing.

help renters (and homeowners)
Allows rent limits on more rental homes than ever before, while exempting single-family homeowners who own up to two homes.

Slows rent increases across communities by limiting rent hikes on empty units. This will help keep housing costs down for all of us while reducing unjust evictions of seniors, veterans, and families.

Will you join the movement for housing justice and help keep seniors in their homes?

Sign up to learn more and vote YES on Prop 21 on November 3rd!