Proposition 21 is a November ballot initiative that will limit rent increases and preserve affordable housing to help keep California families in their homes. With low and stable rent increases, tenants have more disposable income to put back into the community. They can work less and spend more time with their families. The initiative will help our neighbors stay in their homes and off the streets. With Prop 21 all Californians can live the California dream.

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Stop Wall Street Investors From Hurting Your Community

Corporate landlords and Big Real Estate have a long history of prioritizing profit over people. Corporations and Wall Street speculators aren't just making life difficult for renters. By competing for the same housing stock as homeowners and small landlords, corporate landlords make it increasingly difficult for people to own their own homes or invest in property.

While corporate landlords profit from California's housing affordability and homeless crises, the rest are left to deal with the fallout, and more and more families are forced out of their homes in the streets. 

That is why Proposition 21 is so urgently needed.

Prop 21 Is Good for CA, But Don’t Just Take Our Word

Prop 21 is powered by a broad, progressive coalition of community leaders, non-profit organizations, elected officials, businesses, unions, artists, and neighbors, like Bernie Sanders, Dolores Huerta, and Maxine Waters. We are also proud to announce the endorsement of the California Democratic Party. Support Prop 21 just like these leaders.


How Does Prop 21 Help?

Proposition 21 is a November 2020 state ballot initiative that will allow for the expansion of rent control throughout California. If passed, the measure would give local governments the power to implement tenant-friendly protections that limit annual rent increases, prevent displacement, and make living in California affordable for all.

Modernizes Rent Control
Allows local governments to limit rent increases on buildings older than 15 years, protecting millions of renters while incentivizing the construction of new housing.

help renters (and homeowners)
Allows rent limits on more rental homes than ever before, while exempting single-family homeowners who own up to two homes.

Slows rent increases across communities by limiting rent hikes on empty units. This will help keep housing costs down for all of us while reducing unjust evictions of seniors, veterans, and families.

Vote Yes on Prop 21 and Stop Corporate Landlords From Hurting Your Community. Join The Movement.

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