Yes on 21 CA Prop 21 California No-Brainer

Vote Early. Vote Yes on Prop 21. It’s a No-Brainer!

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For fair-minded Californians who want to urgently address the state’s ongoing housing affordability crisis and protect their families, friends, and neighbors as the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, the decision is …

Yes on 21 CA Stephen Schwarzman Blackstone

Modern-Day Robber Baron: The Sins of Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwarzman

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As part of an ongoing series on the real estate contributors to the No on Prop 21 campaign, this investigation examines the predatory practices of Blackstone Group and its CEO, …

Yes on 21 CA Invitation Homes Dallas Tanner

Is Invitation Homes the Worst Corporate Landlord in the Nation?

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For years, Invitation Homes, led by CEO Dallas Tanner (pictured above), has been known for its shocking treatment of tenants and fueling the country’s housing affordability crisis. The corporate landlord …

Yes on 21 CA housing affordability crisis Proposition 21

Rent Limits Will Stabilize California’s Housing Affordability Crisis, Say Top Experts

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In recent years, top experts at  USC, UCLA, and UC Berkeley  have rolled out important studies that found the same thing:  putting sensible limits on unfair, sky-high rent increases is …

Yes on 21 CA Stephen Schwarzman Geoffrey Palmer

Why Are Billionaires Stephen Schwarzman and Geoffrey Palmer Using A Shell Committee to Funnel Big Bucks to No on Prop 21 Campaign?

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Big Real Estate is up to its dirty tricks again. Blackstone Group, billionaire landlord Geoffrey Palmer, and real estate bigwig Michael Hayde, among others, are using a little known political …

Yes on 21 CA Prop 21 unfair rents

Want To Stop Paying Unfair Rents? Here’s What You Do

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Californians have been getting slammed by unfair, sky-high rents for years. Politicians have done little to solve it. The California Apartment Association fights any kind of renter protection. And corporate …

Yes on Ca 21 Proposition 21 justice

Proposition 21 is a Movement About Justice, and Big Real Estate Is Scared Stiff

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From California to New York, the news has not been good. Millions losing their jobs and facing eviction. Unaffordable rents in every state in the nation. Homelessness surging in the suburbs. …