Who Is Housed When Money Talks?

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“WHO IS HOUSED WHEN MONEY TALKS?” asks internationally renowned artist Barbara Kruger in her newest mural on the wall ofthe Rental Affordability Act campaign headquarters on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

The legendary feminist artist tackles issues of homelessness and affordable housing in her latest work, turning her unflinching eye to the roles money and power play in determining who is housed and who is not in the midst of the housing crisis. 

The 28-foot by 50-foot mural was installed on the Sunset-facing side of the Housing Is A Human Right offices (and Rental Affordability Act campaign headquarters) earlier this year. 

Kruger is perhaps best known for her iconic American flag word text mural Untitled (Questions) on the MOCA Geffen Contemporary building in Little Tokyo in Downtown Los Angeles (pictured below), or through her provocative work housed within LACMA’s elevator shaft – Untitled (Shafted)

Kruger donated this work completely free of charge, setting the example that we must all do what we can to fight for housing justice. Will you follow her example and take action now?